Credit: WWE on FoxAfter show-long hype, including input from top SmackDown stars, Daniel Bryan made his way to the squared circle for a shot at Roman Reigns and the Universal Champion. A win and the leader of the YES! Movement would cement his legacy. A loss would lead to his banishment from the blue brand.The Head of the Table entered the arena to new theme music, an orchestral epic with a badass beat befitting the unstoppable force in sports entertainment.Bryan attacked from the opening bell, rocking the champion with a dropkick. He flattened Reigns with a running knee from the ring apron heading into the break.The challenger worked the left arm and shoulder of the champion, teeing off on him with a flurry of kicks to the shoulder. Reigns absorbed and returned fire, cutting Bryan off with a big back elbow for two. Bryan sent him face-first into the turnbuckle but The Big Dog recovered and delivered a powerbomb off the top rope for a two-count. Reigns dominated coming back from the break, unloading with clotheslines on the floor, then added big knees and boots to Bryan in the corner. He set the challenger up on the top rope but Bryan crotched him and looked to rally. Bryan delivered a huge side suplex from the top rope and shot the half on Reigns, scoring a two-count. He continued to roll, taking The Tribal Chief to the floor. There, Reigns tried for the spear but Bryan moved and the champion crashed into the guardrail. Back from another commercial, Bryan launched himself off the top rope with a diving headbutt for another near-fall. Reigns answered with a Superman Punch. Bryan trapped him in the YES! Lock. Reigns escaped and delivered a spear, but could only keep the challenger down for a count of two as Bryan’s resiliency and heart took over.Reigns trapped Bryan in the guillotine but the babyface escaped and applied an arm submission. He segued into the YES! Lock. Reigns fought toward the ropes but Bryan pulled him back. The champion powered out, finally managing to slam Bryan to the mat. He pounded away at the back of Bryan’s head, punishing him before delivering another powerbomb.Reigns used his good arm to apply the guillotine, choking the fight out of Bryan and retaining the title.After the match, Reigns attempted a brutal chair assault on Bryan only for Cesaro to make the save. The Swiss Superman unloaded on the champion until Jey Uso made the save. Reigns delivered a con-chair-to on Bryan while Cesaro was tied up in the ropes, forced to watch.    ResultReigns defeated Bryan to win the title    GradeA+    AnalysisThis was one of the best matches of the year, a high-stakes battle not just for championship gold but the continuation of one of WWE’s most storied careers. WWE made an extraordinary deal out of the contest and the performers delivered exponentially.Expectations were high and the match far exceeded them, delivering a dramatic encounter that had fans thinking an inspirational win might not be out of the cards before Reigns snuffed out any sense of hope that still existed.Not only was the match superb, it marked a rare clean victory for The Head of the Table.Cesaro making the save further supports the idea that The Swiss Superman will be next up to challenge Reigns. While WWE is all-in with The Big Dog right now, one has to wonder if now is the time to use him to elevate Cesaro, especially considering how hot the Swiss Cyborg is at this moment.But that is for later.Friday night was the culmination of Reigns and Bryan’s feud, a Match of the Year candidate, and proof that WWE can still deliver those must-see, event-style matches when it wants to.