This “Bad Foods” And “Good Foods” For Your Penis Erection Is Going Viral Right here Are The Key Takeaways


When it comes in your nutrition and erections, Gonzalez stated that consuming a nutrition and dwelling a way of life this is heart-healthy goes to be perfect for penile erections, and that’s in large part for the reason that penis is a vascular organ (that means it calls for a continual stream of blood to serve as).

“In order to achieve and maintain an erection, you have to have amongother things normal blood flow. If you’re doing things that are bad for hormone production and bad for blood flow, then you’re going to have trouble with your erections,” he stated. “And the stuff in the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ categories in my videos have to do with the effects of those particular foods or substances on hormones specifically testosterone or on blood flow.”

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