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It’s arguably probably the most celebrated liquor in the world however now and again simply the concept of tequila could make your tummy flip and your temples pound. Cheers to this: With National Tequila Day going down July 24, the Head of Nutrition and Wellness at WW (previously Weight Watchers)who is a registered dietitian and tequila fan herselfoffers pointers for the way you’ll be able to make this spirited “holiday” a bit of lighter, more energizing, and fitter than ever sooner than.

If you benefit from the occasional tequila drink, you are surely no longer solo. Statista analysis means that Americans ate up 180 million liters of tequila in 2019. Jaclyn London, MS, RD, CDN says she’s one of the vital many that like a lil’ tuck of tequila now and again. London unearths Texas Ranch Water as her personal most popular tequila-based beverage, and says a perfect formulation for the cocktail is solely tequila blanco, mineral water, and a wholesome squeeze of clean lime juice.

Keep studying for London’s artful recommendations on serving better-for-you tequila sips. Also, do not omit One Major Side Effect of Drinking Alcohol on an Empty Stomach, Dietitian Says.

If you have got ever made a morning-after connection between a hangover and the super-sweet alcoholic beverages you simply had, London says you are spot-on. “While sugary drinks might feel festive and, let’s be honest, taste delicious, they also make for a hardcore hangover,” London says.

Since some juices and pre-made cocktail mixers pack as much as 70 grams of sugar in line with serving (“more than double the American Heart Association’s rec for grams of added sugar for the entire day,” London issues out), she says one solution to assist save you that is to fill up on transparent mixers. “I always keep a variety of flavored seltzers on-handfrom classics like orange or lime to seasonal favorites like strawberry, watermelon, or peach,” London says.

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London says contemporary end result convey so a lot more on your cocktails than artificially flavored, added-sugar beverages do. “My mantra is always ‘more produce, more often,'” she says. “Freshly squeezed citrus (like lime juice) is great, and adding in extra flavor from cocktail-friendly fruit like pomegranate seeds will sweeten your drink from natural sugars and also add an antioxidant boost.”

One different yummy concept? “I also love experimenting with fresh herbs to spice things up!” she says.

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Another easy however genius solution to make a cocktail extra fascinating? “Upgrade your ice cubes,” London suggests. Instead of losing in a bit of ice that can simply water down over the years, she recommends the usage of frozen berries and grapes (purchased from the freezer segment or frozen at house, your self) to cool your drink and taste it as they thaw. “This is also a great way to use up any fruit that’s about to go bad!” London says.

She additionally provides pineapple-lime juice ice cubes as an alternative choice to common ice. “You can use fresh pineapple and limes to make it on your own, or blend ripe pineapple with lime juice in the blender and freeze.”

Also? These concepts are completely no longer unique to Tequila Day. “It’s also great to use these to help you hydrate when you’re not drinking a tequila cocktail, too!” London issues out.

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shot of tequila with salt rim and lime wedge

London says that in case you are no longer large on combined beverages, treating your self is a solution to be sensible about sipping tequila immediately. “Premium liquor has this unique way of being both smooth and flavorful, while also feeling just a little bit extra special,” she says. “Since brands typically use smaller batch or higher-quality distilling practices, you’re better off drinking these on the rocks, slowly.”


According to London, there is one very important aspect to stay you from overdoing it on National Tequila Day, or any day. “Drink one glass of water for every drink you have,” she advises, “but I’d also want to make sure you’re hydrating ahead of whatever celebrations you have planned.” This can stay you from getting in at a hydration deficit.

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