The Tiing Tejakula Villas Take Cues From Bali’s Vernacular


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Positioned midway between the sea and foothills at the northern coast of Bali, with the volcanic Mount Agung in view, the Tiing Tejakula Villas is a tropical break out this is very a lot anchored in its far flung locale. The design itself depends on two conventional fabrics which are ample to the area: bamboo and urban. “It was not about coming in with colonial or Western arrogance, or imposing yourself and your ideas,” says Australian architect Nic Brunsdon, who collaborated with native company Manguning at the challenge. “Instead, it was about having a respectful meeting point and bringing global knowledge into local intellect.”

Impressed via the native gateway constructions that bookend roads and represent the thoughts, frame, and soul drifting onward, the valuables’s massive concrete constructions are seamlessly built-in into the environment. Certainly, past the bamboo-wrapped foyer and the round open-air eating place are 14 two-story villas, which function bamboo-formed concrete partitions that evoke a way of intimacy, texture, and motion to the differently austere constructions. Comparable to the golden spiral present in nature, they boast a central skylight in the toilet that drenches the interiors in herbal gentle.

Tiing Tejakula Villa

Daylight filters thru a bamboo display screen in a minimalist guestroom dwelling house

“The design of the hotel was predisposed on engaging with the dual condition of living between the mountain and the sea,” he says. “As such, the rooms are designed so that when lying in bed, you can turn your head one way and see the peak of the mountain and turn the other and see the ocean.”

The relationship to Bali stays intact right through. A operating fishing village may also be observed from the pool, one thing Brunsdon was once prepared to stay in visitors’ sightlines. “Travel these days isn’t about sitting in Shangri-La and getting massages and drinking mojitos, it’s about getting to learn about the places you visit,” he says. “That’s a social, cultural sustainability, where you’re not going out and culturally bulldozing [a place].”


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