Google is making an attempt to restore Wear OS as soon as once more. And the ones efforts have been transparent all over Google I/O 2021 previous this yr. There, Wear OS 3 used to be the famous person of the display as a joint effort from Google and Samsung. And to be able to get other folks began with Wear OS, the Google Play Store is recommending other folks “essentials” in your new watch. It’s all great and just right, with the exception of that out of the ones necessities, two apps do not have a Wear OS model anymore.

The Play Store these days highlights Uber and Telegram as two “must-get” apps for any new Wear OS person, as noticed through Reddit poster mannabhai. Except those apps cannot be a must-get for any new Wear OS customers, as a result of their Wear OS variations have been discontinued. More in particular, the Wear OS model of Uber has been discontinued for a very long time now, whilst Telegram stopped being supported on those smartwatches a couple of days in the past. The different apps within the listing are just right, however there is not any solution to both set up Uber or Telegram on a smartwatch anymore.

The in all probability reason for what is going down this is that whoever used to be answerable for placing the listing in combination did not get the memo that those apps weren’t to be had. After all, in the event you pull out the listing on an Android smartphone with out realizing in a different way, you would not know they are now not to be had till the instant you have been going to obtain the app.

As Google pushes deeper for Wear OS, we will hope see extra apps to exchange those.