The maximum notorious balloon mishaps from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


While lots of the balloon incidents are a minimum of a little bit funny (the hubris of guy, to create such beasts!), a small handful of injuries have ended with other folks being critically injured. Some of the ones instances have led the parade’s organizers to switch the foundations referring to their maximum cherished — and problematic — parade individuals. After all, a deflated Kermit right here and there may be simply the best way the parade floats, however there is not anything festive about other folks getting harm.

Imagine you are a parade-goer in 1927. There used to be no TV, no Disney World, and the Empire State Building would not be built for every other few years. Seeing the parade’s first balloon, an enormous and in no way spooky Felix the Cat, used to be almost definitely giant stuff. It all went swimmingly till it got here time to deflate the dang factor. Apparently everybody had gotten so stuck up in getting the cat within the air, they hadn’t given a lot concept to, you recognize, getting it down and flat once more. So, the balloon’s handlers simply kinda…let it move. Like a pie-eyed pussycat Icarus, pricey Felix flew too just about the solar, and popped.

Even the extra regimen balloon deflation all the time elevate slightly of dramatic zeal. Take the autumn of the Mighty Mouse balloon in 1956. It used to be a story as previous as time: Balloon meets boulevard signal, boulevard signal wins, balloon crumples helplessly to the bottom. This one’s simply humorous smartly, as a result of, it is Mighty Mouse! He’s intended to fly! And be mighty! And but, that day, he completed neither.

1957: Popeye hates you

Popeye the Sailor Man has all the time been identified for his coarse approach. True to shape, in 1957 the Popeye balloon had had all that he may stand, and could not stands not more. As a cold rain blanketed the town, it amassed within the most sensible of Popeye’s iconic sailor’s cap. One tight flip used to be all it took for it to tip and unload gallons of water on unsuspecting spectators. Ah-gahgahgahgahgah!

1991: Kermit the Frog is scarred for existence

Life used to be arduous for the primary Kermit balloon. In 1985, the frog used to be eviscerated after crashing into some bushes, however controlled to live on the remainder of the parade. The extra crippling blow got here in 1991, when it misplaced in every other come upon with a tree, which left is head deflated in a decidedly un-festive manner. The balloon used to be by no means the similar, and used to be retired in a while in a while. A brand new, advanced and tree-resistant model used to be debuted in 2002. It did some journeyman paintings for the parade, retiring after two years after which returning for a couple of years beginning in 2007, however issues have been by no means the similar. The deficient frog’s balloon spirit had merely noticed an excessive amount of.

1997: The dangerous one

If it’s imaginable for each worst-case situation to occur without delay, the 1997 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade got here actually shut. During the parade, top winds led to the the Cat within the Hat balloon to strike a lamppost, and a part of the submit got here crashing down at the head of a bystander. The lady suffered critical accidents and used to be in a coma for a month. On top alert, police on the parade reined in, stabbed and stomped down the Barney and Pink Panther balloons to ensure they could not do any further injury. The incident led to parade officers to switch necessities for the balloons, banning the tremendous huge and unwieldy ones. It additionally gave everybody a serious warning call about wind.

That’s why, in the event you ever pay attention chatter concerning the balloons being grounded because of top winds, you should not groan in unhappiness. It may well be a lot, a lot worse if they are allowed to fly.

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