Some would say our love/hate relationship with carbohydrates has gotten a little bit out of hand and made consuming much more sophisticated than it must be. It’s simple to see the place our confusion originates. Carbs, in any case, present us with our physique’s main supply of power after they’re damaged down into glucose or blood sugar. On the flip facet, carbohydrates drive up insulin, inflicting our our bodies to carry onto fats. The greatest technique to get a grip on this carb conundrum could also be to acknowledge and keep away from the worst sort of carbs on your physique (the extremely processed, sugary, refined carbs) and determine the most effective and worst instances to eat carbs on your well being and life-style.

We requested nutritionists and different specialists for assist. Here’s how they recognized the worst instances to eat carbs, and for much more wholesome ideas, be sure you take a look at our listing of 15 Underrated Weight Loss Tips That Actually Work.

ShutterstockThe worst instances to eat carbs will range from individual to individual, so it’s important to consider your physique and your life-style, says licensed nutritionist Reda Elmardi, CEO of If you do not train and still have a sedentary job, do not eat excessive carb meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner; reduce carbs from one or two of these meals, he says.
“If you’re very energetic constantly all through the day then anytime is ok to have carbs—simply do not overdo the energy,” says Elmardi.
The bodily therapist and bodybuilder advises people who find themselves principally sedentary however have a set exercise time of day to plan to eat many of the day’s carbohydrates round that exercise.
“But it is not important,” he says. “The physique can retailer glycogen to be used at a later time; so long as you utilize the power sooner or later you’ll be high-quality.”
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ShutterstockDo not bash carbs; we want them to energy by means of our workday, faculty day, and exercises, says National Academy of Sports Medicine licensed coach and vitamin advisor Natasha Funderburk, RN, BSN.
“When we are able to study to view carbohydrates as our essential power supply, it turns into simpler to grasp the timing of when it is best to eat them or keep away from them,” says Funderburk.
The worst time to eat carbohydrates is whenever you now not want the power. For most of us, that is within the night whenever you’re sitting on the sofa. “When we carb load to sit down in entrance of the TV, our metabolism is already powering down, and our physique goes to finish up storing these carbs as fats because it has no use to burn by means of as gasoline.”
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ShutterstockMake a behavior of limiting carbohydrates two to a few hours earlier than you go to mattress, advises Morgyn Clair, RD, a registered dietitian nutritionist with “Keep nighttime snacks to fifteen grams of carbs or much less,” she says.
“[Because] carb’s essential function within the physique is power and the physique will not be utilizing power throughout relaxation, the carbs are usually saved as fats,” says Clair.
Certified Nutrition Specialist Dr. Josh Axe, DC, founding father of Ancient Nutrition broadens that recommendation to incorporate consuming any meals 2 to three hours earlier than mattress to assist digestion, metabolic well being, and improved sleep.
“When you keep away from consuming carbs too near bedtime, you are giving your physique an opportunity to digest and also you’re additionally fasting in a single day, which may profit on your blood sugar and insulin sensitivity,” he says. “If attainable, purpose to go 12 hours in a single day (between dinner and breakfast the following morning) with out consuming something, together with carbs.”
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ShutterstockYou might have heard a few counter-intuitive type of carbohydrate timing referred to as “carb backloading” for weight reduction. The concept behind this stylish weight-reduction plan is to considerably cut back carbohydrates that you just eat early within the day, at breakfast and lunch, and eat the vast majority of carbs later within the day (for dinner), explains nutritionist Lisa Richards, creator of The Candida Diet.
“It is assumed that this optimizes the physique’s pure insulin sensitivity making weight reduction extra environment friendly,” she says.
And by loading up on carbs within the hours after exercising later within the day, these carbohydrates might be higher absorbed by your muscle tissues.
Also, loading up on carbs within the night and avoiding carbs on the morning meal after a nighttime of fasting when you sleep, in concept, you drive your physique to show towards saved fats for gasoline in the course of the daytime hours if you find yourself energetic. It’s an analogous idea to intermittent fasting and the keto weight-reduction plan.
No matter what sort of carb timing you comply with, the secret’s “specializing in complicated carbs,” says Richards. “Reducing or eliminating refined carbohydrates from the weight-reduction plan is a sensible resolution on your total well being, not simply weight reduction or efficiency. Refined carbohydrates are inflammatory and might result in poor intestine well being and candida overgrowth, amongst different points.”

Shutterstock”If you are prediabetic or diabetic, you may doubtless have to be extra cautious about your carb consumption,” says Axe. You might have to restrict the variety of grains and fruits you eat, and you will need to keep away from processed carbs and added sugar, plus sugary drinks. “Another circumstance to think about reducing carbs is when you’re seeking to drop a few pounds. You may decide to attempt a low carb weight-reduction plan such because the keto weight-reduction plan (a high-fat weight-reduction plan that is very low in carbs) which may help promote fats loss,” he says.
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ShutterstockFor many people, our our bodies by no means have an opportunity to burn the power we have already saved as a result of we by no means let our gasoline tanks run low and we’re consuming carbs all through the day and continuously triggering insulin spikes.
“An individual has spiked it once more with their mid-morning snack, after which lunch, and afternoon snack; primarily an individual resides a life during which each waking second is spent in a state of elevated insulin,” says metabolism analysis scientist at Brigham Young University Benjamin Bikman, Ph.D., creator of Why We Get Sick.

ShutterstockWhen you’re inactive, your physique is in a low state of bodily health or you’ve excessive ranges of physique fats, it is not a very good time to eat carbohydrates.
“The physique can higher deal with carbohydrates throughout and after bodily exercise, in addition to when ranges of health are excessive and physique fats ranges are decrease, that’s 15% or much less for males and 20% or much less for ladies,” says Ryan Andrews, RD, CSCS, a principal nutritionist for Precision Nutrition.
Beyond the three-hour window after exercising, it’s best to eat principally protein and fats and fewer carb-dense meals. “If you propose the next carbohydrate consumption at instances when your physique is best outfitted to deal with it, insulin might be beneath your management, and the physique will operate higher,” Andrews says.
Rather than fear about when it’s best to or should not eat carbohydrates, give attention to selecting the best sorts of carbohydrates, stress nutritionists. Anytime could be the worst time to eat carbs if these carbs occur to be the sugary, extremely processed sort. “Aim to eat unprocessed carbs which can be excessive in fiber it doesn’t matter what time of day you are consuming carbs,” says Dr. Axe. Examples of wholesome carbs embrace greens, complete items of fruit (somewhat than juice), complete grains like oats or quinoa, candy potatoes, and different potatoes, plus beans and legumes. (Related: The Surprising Side Effects of Eating Oatmeal, According to Science.) Dairy, nuts, and seeds additionally offer you some carbs (select unsweetened dairy to keep away from an excessive amount of sugar).