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In one unnerving recreation, contestants must move a bridge of glass panels, now not understanding which will strengthen their weight and which can shatter.

Netflix/Youngkyu Park

InSquid Game, the traumatic however intriguing hit Korean sequence on Netflix a few fatal match of youngsters’s video games, the contest itself winds its option to a bloody solution. But that does not imply all our questions get resolved. Here are solutions to 8 burning Squid Game questions audience can have after staring at the dystopian display.

Warning: The following tale contains massive spoilers for Squid Game, so if you have not watched all 9 episodes, come again and browse this after you are finished. You do not wish to be spoiled for probably the most plot twists.

1. When did Squid Game pop out?

The nine-episode sequence launched on Netflix on Sept. 17.

2. Will there be a season 2 of Squid Game?

If you’ve gotten watched the entire display (keep in mind that spoiler caution above), you already know the sport does not actually finish with the 9th episode. It continues, and the way forward for “winner” Seong Gi-hun (performed via Lee Jung-jae) is left unsure. Will we ever know what occurs after he will get off that aircraft? The solution is a convincing … possibly. Writer/director Hwang Dong-hyuktold Varietyhe would possibly go back to big-screen motion pictures sooner than serious about a Squid Game sequel.

“I don’t have well-developed plans for Squid Game 2,” he instructed Variety. “It is quite tiring just thinking about it. But if I were to do it, I would certainly not do it alone. I’d consider using a writers’ room and would want multiple experienced directors.”

Squid Game’s good fortune is certain to have Netflix professionals short of extra, however we simply do not know if they are going to coax the director again for extra. Get out the dangling piggy financial institution stuffed with Korean gained, Netflix, and pay the person.


Two contestants get ready to play marbles in Squid Game.

Netflix/Youngkyu Park

3. Was Squid Game in line with a e book?

It unquestionably turns out like Squid Game would make a perfect novel or graphic novel. But presently, you’ll be able to’t cross on your book shop and scoop up a Squid Game e book to learn.

According to Korean pop-culture website Soompi, Squid Game director Hwang Dong Hyuk stated that he were given the speculation for the display again in 2008 from a comic book e book about individuals who had been taking part in an excessive recreation. But he did not title the comedian.

And it will now not also be a unmarried comedian, since the director instructed the Korea Herald that he “read a lot of comics, and was mesmerized by survival games.” So till Hwang comes out and names a few of his studying subject matter, guesses are all now we have. It turns out most probably that Squid Game will now be was e book shape, since it is the sort of hit. Keep a watch on the ones book shop cabinets.

Some are claiming that Squid Game is suspiciously very similar to a 2014 Japanese movie, As The Gods Will, directed via Takashi Miike. That movie itself is in line with Japanese manga. It’s additionally a few demise match the usage of youth video games, and turns out to have some very identical scenes, together with a doll that spins round and tries to catch avid gamers shifting.

Squid Game’s director stated at a press convention that handiest the primary recreation within the movie is very similar to his display, and that he have been operating on his idea for years sooner than As The Gods Will got here out in 2014.

4. Is Squid Game an actual recreation?

Obviously there is no fatal Squid Game match, the place individuals are killed taking part in blameless kids’s video games. We hope. But the name refers to at least one particular recreation that will get its title from a courtroom formed vaguely like a squid.

Main personality Seong Gi-hun makes it sound as though Squid Game is exclusive to his the town, describing a recreation that is style of like Red Rover and style of like Capture the Flag and is performed in a playground courtroom formed like a squid. In order to win, the attacking workforce, who’re handiest allowed to hop till they cross the squid’s waist, will have to faucet the squid’s head with their foot. Director Hwang instructed the Korea Herald that it was once his favourite youth recreation, so sure, it does appear to be genuine.

Other video games performed are relatively clearly genuine, together with marbles, tug-of-war, and Red Light Green Light. There’s one recreation that is clearly now not genuine — one through which avid gamers will have to move a tumbler bridge and do not know which panel will shatter underfoot — although video games like hopscotch do require you to put your ft handiest in sure squares.


In one recreation, contestants want to carve out a sweet form with out breaking it.

Netflix/Youngkyu Park

One recreation offers every participant a tin of sweet with a form embossed into it, and so they will have to use a pointy object to chop out the form with out breaking it. That’s simple you probably have a triangle form, now not really easy in case you picked the umbrella. Contestants sooner or later be informed that licking the again of the sweet is helping free up the form.

That sweet is real–here’s a YouTube video from PinoyChefKorea that displays you find out how to make it. (Recipe directions are proven in English captions.) Did you get into making Dalgona espresso right through the pandemic? This sweet is Dalgona sweet.

The sweet is well liked by Korean kids, the chef notes. And sure, eaters in Korea attempt to consume across the embossed form with out breaking it, although the stakes for them don’t seem to be lifestyles and demise.

5. Is the Red Light, Green Light doll genuine?

The first recreation the contestant play is Red Light, Green Light, however as a substitute of a human turning round and looking to catch somebody shifting right through “Red Light,” it is a super-creepy massive schoolgirl robotic doll factor.


The doll within the Red Light, Green Light recreation is genuine, and vacationers can seek advice from it.

Netflix/Youngkyu Park

Online newsletter Koreaboo experiences that the doll wasn’t made for Squid Game, however that it already was once on show on the Jincheon Carriage Museum Adventure Village, often referred to as Macha Land, a museum in Chungcheongbok-do, South Korea, a number of hours from Seoul. Koreaboo says the doll has now been returned to the museum, however someway is lacking one hand. Hey, the ones video games had been tough on everybody.

Den of Geek pointed us to tweets from citizens of the Philippines noting {that a} model of the doll was once a part of a Netflix show in a mall there, and its head in reality spun round.

6. That Squid Game trade card

Squid Game recruiters passed out light-brown trade playing cards with the sport’s image — a circle, triangle and a sq. — on one aspect, and a telephone quantity at the different. (Enterprising on-line artists are promoting them in case your Halloween dress wishes a prop, or lead them to your self.)

Writer Jasmine Leung explains for The Focus that the shapes are in reality Korean letters.

“The circle is the letter ‘o’, the triangle is part of the letter ‘j’, and the square is ‘m’,” she writes. “So side by side, it reads ‘O J M’, which are the initials (of) squid game in Korean, which is read as Ojingeo Geim ().”

That aspect of the cardboard is ok, however the different aspect, with a telephone quantity proven, led to some issues. Mashable Southeast Asia experiences that an individual with that quantity has complained of receiving “endless” calls and textual content messages. (C’mon Netflix, you must’ve purchased a selected quantity and arrange some promo message for many who referred to as it.)

7. Theory about Squid Game guards

The guards in Squid Game put on pink, and when one’s uncovered, he turns out like a tender naive soldier. One on-line idea tries to provide an explanation for how the guards had been employed. Lead personality Seong Gi-hun performs a recreation referred to as ddakji with a recruiter for the sport. (Ddakji is a conventional Korean recreation of flipping paper tiles–kind of like POGs.) Gi-hun choices blue paper over pink. It turns out random, however one idea claims it is not.

“So there’s a theory in Squid Game where Gi-Hun picked the blue card from the salesman (Gong Yoo) and then woke up in blue suit as a player,” one tweet notes. “Had he or the other players picked the red card, they would be the workers/guards.”

There’s no proof that that is true, however hi there, excellent fodder for a conceivable sequel.

8. The Squid Game finishing defined

Super-spoiler time, as a result of we are going to communicate concerning the sequence’ finishing. Seong Gi-hun wins, and he learns who is actually working the sport (you could have figured it out since we do not see this personality die within the recreation, however it is the sort of juicy plot twist that I would possibly not expose it right here).

After coping with the sport mastermind, Gi-hun dyes his hair shiny pink (just like the guards’ outfits, although that is almost definitely now not attached). Then he begins to get on a aircraft for LA to reunite along with his younger daughter. But he spots the sport recruiter who concerned him within the recreation looking to persuade any other down-on-his-luck guy to play. Gi-hun grabs the cardboard, and simply sooner than he will get at the aircraft, calls the quantity and tells the one that solutions he will observe them down. SEQUEL? Even if the director does not appear in a rush, the setup is easiest for one.


The Front Man’s identification is sooner or later published, and it is a circle of relatives affair.

Netflix/Youngkyu Park

And let’s communicate concerning the brothers. Police officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) infiltrates the sport, attempting to find his lacking brother In-ho. Jun-ho escapes the sport compound however is apparently killed via The Front Man, who is style of the chief of the sport. And The Front Man is published to be … Jun-ho’s lacking brother, who we already realized gained the sport in 2015.

The brothers may go back in a sequel, too. Jun-ho was once shot within the shoulder (sooner than falling off a cliff into water). So he will not be lifeless, although he does not appear to have ratted out the sport masterminds to his fellow police officers, for the reason that recreation is constant. It would not be the one demise fake-out on this display.

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