Right here Are New Destiny 2 Halo Homage Weapons, And Extra Dungeon Info


Bungie has been protecting quite quiet about many facets of Destiny 2s thirtieth Anniversary Event arriving subsequent Tuesday, however as of this morning, some new knowledge has been put at the Steam web page for the development, together with some hi-res screenshots that display some prettyinteresting issues.

First of all, we now know the identify of Destiny 2s new paid dungeon, Grasp of Avarice, and heres a brand new description for it:

Plunder the brand new three-player dungeon impressed by means of famed Cosmodrome loot caves of yore. Reveal a story of riches and be apologetic about as you apply an adventurer who traded his humanity for treasure.

Add this to the pirate theme discussed sooner than, and an image of the dungeons tale is shaping up effectively. As anticipated, this turns out like one thing outdoor the present seasonal/Witch Queen storyline, and can stand as its personal factor.

But previous that, we were given much more photographs, a lot of which seem to be for the six participant process, Dares of Eternity, which turns out like it’s going to happen in a similar-looking zone to the dungeon.

Well get started with the most important doable information. I questioned the day past if Bungie may well be hiding a Halo crossover for the anniversary, and seems the solution isyes and no. New screenshots display what seems to be two guns modeled after the Halo Battle Rifle and Covenant Focus Rifle, and but now not precisely the ones guns. I consider the Battle Rifle is in line with the Redrix body. The Focus Rifle, Im now not positive, however its for sure now not 1:1 with the Halo model.

So, that is type of operating just like the Bungie streetwear armor embellishes, which might be homages to Halo (Aribter-ish Warlock armor, Needler shoulder pads) with out being literal ports from Halo. Again, I believe this used to be the most productive Bungie may just do given Microsofts present possession of the Halo IP.

Past that, we take a look at what seems to be the praise room for Dares of Eternity (or perhaps the dungeon), which has statues of various categories, and logos that seem to correspond to chests with particular items of armor. Not slightly transparent on what the Ghost and Box symbols are at the left there, as I doubt theres that many uh, Ghosts to loot.

Finally, what seems to be the original helmet decoration Bungie hasnt proven off but seems to were discovered, albeit at tremendous zoom, low-res high quality. Some are announcing its a tiger head, however my bet is that its in truth a wolfs head, tied to the Gjallarhorn theme, bearing in mind weve already noticed a Gjallarsparrow at this level.

There might nonetheless but be extra clues to extract from those new photographs, however thats a excellent quantity already, and it does verify how Bungie can be dealing with its Halo tribute, despite the fact that it has to do it in a not up to authentic capability.

We will see if this new checklist comes with a trailer or the rest within the TWAB later lately, however Im actually shopping ahead to diving in on Tuesday with a explanation why to in any case play Destiny 2 once more.

Update: One extra bit of information from the Steam web page:

thirtieth Anniversary Pack homeowners additionally acquire get admission to to further praise chests within the loose Dares of Eternity process.

Not nice!

Update 2: They are beauty chests no less than:

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