North Korea warns younger other folks to not use slang from South Korea


North Koreas reputable newspaper has warned younger other folks to talk the countrys usual language, chorus from the use of South Korean slang — and to practice the Hermit Kingdoms conventional life.

The Rodong Sinmun printed a blistering editorial Sunday towards the creeping affect of the South on the entirety from hairstyles and models to the spoken phrase, in line with the Guardian.

The ideological and cultural penetration beneath the colourful signboard of the bourgeoisie is much more bad than enemies who’re taking weapons, it stated, the opening reported, mentioning South Koreas Yonhap information company.

Declaring that not anything lower than the way forward for the North Korean political machine is at stake, the mouthpiece for the ruling Workers Party advised younger citizens to stick with their countrys awesome language, which is in keeping with the dialect spoken in Pyongyang.

When the brand new generations have a valid sense of ideology and innovative spirits, the way forward for a rustic is vibrant. If no longer, decades-long social programs and revolution will probably be perished. That is the lesson of blood within the historical past of the worlds socialist motion, the Rodong Sinmun stated.

A group of women wearing traditional dress leave after paying their respects before the statues of late North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in North Korea.
A gaggle of ladies dressed in conventional get dressed depart after paying their respects earlier than the statues of overdue North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il in North Korea.
ED JONES/AFP by means of Getty Images

Those present in violation of a sweeping new regulation that seeks to get rid of international affect can face prison and even execution, the BBC reported.

Among the South Korean slang phrases the rogue regime has sought to stamp out is oppa, which girls have referred to as their husbands. The phrase manner “older brother” however is steadily used to discuss with a boyfriend, in line with the opening.

North Korean chief Kim Jong Un just lately classified Okay-pop a “vicious cancer” that corrupts North Korean millennials, the Guardian reported. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has called K-pop a
North Korean chief Kim Jong Un has referred to as Okay-pop a “vicious cancer.”
Pyeongyang Press Corps/Pool/Getty Images

People stuck with huge quantities of media from South Korea, the United States or Japan face the loss of life penalty, whilst the ones stuck observing it face 15 years in a jail camp, in line with the BBC.

Despite the dangers, North Koreans proceed to gravitate to international media, together with South Korean TV dramas smuggled into the rustic.

Yang Moo-jin, a professor on the University of North Korean Studies, advised the Korea Herald that the Swiss-educated Kim “is easily conscious that Okay-pop or Western tradition may just simply permeate into the more youthful technology and feature a unfavourable affect on its socialist machine.

Young South Koreans wearing trendy clothing at the Hera Seoul Fashion Week in 2019.
Young South Koreans dressed in fashionable clothes on the Hera Seoul Fashion Week in 2019.
Hanna Lassen/Getty Images

He added: “He knows that these cultural aspects could impose a burden on the system. So by stamping them out, Kim is trying to prevent further troubles in the future.”

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