New Apple Podcasts Rating Prompt Artificially Boosts App Store Score


With the release of iOS 15.1, Apple offered a brand new suggested for the Podcasts app that asks consumers to fee it, and because it seems, confusion over what is being rated has resulted in an artificially inflated App Store ranking for the Podcasts app.

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Prior to the October 25 release of iOS 15.1, the Podcasts app had 1.8 stars and a lot of unfavourable evaluations from consumers unsatisfied with the design of the app. Now that Apple is calling consumers to fee the app, ‌App Store‌ scores for the Podcast app have shot as much as 4.7 stars, a stark distinction.

Apple made no main adjustments to the Podcasts app so consumers aren’t abruptly happier with its design and function – as a substitute, many of us are leaving scores for the podcasts themselves. As famous by way of Kosta Eleftheriou and highlighted nowadays by way of The Verge, most of the evaluations are for the podcasts which are to be had during the Podcasts app, and now not for the app’s capability.

The best evaluation within the ‌App Store‌ presently begins out with “Best Podcast Ever!”, with the reviewer lauding the podcast that they had been being attentive to on the time the evaluation suggested popped up.

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The remainder of the evaluations are a mixture of one megastar feedback in regards to the design of the Podcasts app and certain evaluations for podcast content material.

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With the evaluation suggested, the Podcasts app is receiving hundreds of evaluations consistent with day, and plenty of of them are certain. Apple showed to The Verge that it’s the usage of a brand new suggested, the similar one to be had to all builders. “With iOS 15.1 released last month, Apple Podcasts began prompting listeners to leave a rating and review just like most third-party apps — using the standard Rating & Review prompt available to all developers,” a spokesperson stated.

As The Verge issues out, Apple is breaking no regulations the usage of this suggested this is usual factor in third-party apps, however it is deceptive for patrons on the lookout for a super podcast revel in. The Podcasts app is the number 1 app that comes up while you seek for “podcasts” even supposing unaltered scores counsel that different podcast apps be offering a greater consumer interface.

Looking on the evaluations of third-party podcast apps, the vast majority of the scores are for the apps themselves, and consumers don’t appear to be unintentionally providing evaluations for podcast content material as is occurring with the Podcasts app. It isn’t transparent if Apple plans to take away its complicated in-app ranking suggested for the Podcasts app, however evaluations for the Podcasts app without a doubt must now not be relied on.

Customers had been an increasing number of unsatisfied with the Podcasts app since iOS 14.5, which is when Apple offered a design trade that introduced with it more than one insects starting from issues of syncing to a subject inflicting large numbers of podcast episodes to be re-downloaded at one time. There had been an enormous collection of proceedings, in reality, which led Apple to make some adjustments in iOS 14.6, however the app has endured to amass unfavourable comments.

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