Miramax is suing Quentin Tarantino over ‘Pulp Fiction’ NFTs


The two-time Academy Award-winning director and screenwriter introduced previous this month that he is promoting NFTs of 7 authentic scenes from the movie, which stars John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson as two hitmen who get into misadventures within the Los Angeles underworld. The NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens,” will come with excerpts from the unique, handwritten script for the movie in addition to unique observation from the author/director.

Miramax filed a criticism in Los Angeles on Tuesday alleging that the director infringed at the “intellectual property rights relating to one of Miramax’s most iconic and valuable film properties” via providing the sale of the NFTs.

Representatives for Tarantino didn’t straight away reply to CNN Business’ request for remark.

“Upon learning of Tarantino’s plan, Miramax sent him a cease-and-desist letter setting forth, in great detail, Tarantino’s disregard of Miramax’s broad rights to ‘Pulp Fiction,'” the swimsuit mentioned. “Wrongly claiming that his narrow Reserved Rights are sufficient, Tarantino remains undeterred and has refused to comply with Miramax’s demands to cancel the sale of Pulp Fiction NFTs.”

The swimsuit mentioned that Tarantino stored Miramax at the hours of darkness in regards to the sale and that’s “particularly problematic” for the reason that director “granted and assigned nearly all of his rights to ‘Pulp Fiction'” to Miramax in 1993.

“Tarantino’s conduct has forced Miramax to bring this lawsuit against a valued collaborator,” the swimsuit mentioned. “Left unchecked, Tarantino’s conduct could mislead others into believing Miramax is involved in his venture.”

Quentin Tarantino will sell 7 never-before-seen clips from 'Pulp Fiction' as NFTs

The swimsuit alleges Tarantino’s habits in regards to the sale may just additionally “mislead others into believing they have the rights to pursue similar deals or offerings, when in fact Miramax holds the rights needed to develop, market, and sell NFTs relating to its deep film library.”

“This group chose to recklessly, greedily, and intentionally disregard the agreement that Quentin signed instead of following the clear legal and ethical approach of simply communicating with Miramax about his proposed ideas,” Bart Williams, an lawyer representing Miramax, instructed CNN Business. “This one-off effort devalues the NFT rights to Pulp Fiction, which Miramax intends to maximize through a strategic, comprehensive approach.”

Each NFT is “minted” on a blockchain to present it a verified identification. This makes them collectibles that may grow to be fairly treasured.

“Pulp Fiction” is among the maximum influential motion pictures of the final 30 years and has a 96% target market score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is arguably Tarantino’s most renowned movie and helped kick off his iconic profession in Hollywood.

The director has helmed a number of award-winning motion pictures together with “Django Unchained,” “Once Upon a Time … In Hollywood,” and “Inglourious Basterds.”

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