One of the best things about a vacation in Bali is the fact that it offers a large number of tourist attractions. Here, you’ll find a plethora of markets that feature local handicrafts as well as all the activities that you would expect to encounter on an island-related vacation. There are also tours which will take you to amazingly intricate temples that are some of the best photo opportunities imaginable.

Covid-19 Considerations for Visiting Bora Bora
Currently, tourism is under restriction in Bali. However, with the introduction of a vaccine, this can change at any time. In the island’s interior, as of this writing, the following restrictions apply:Nonessential industries must implement telecommuting for 75 percent of the employees, while essential sectors can continue operating on-site with full capacity. Schools must close and use distance learning. Food establishments can serve dine-in customers up to 25 percent of the seating capacity, while places of worship can open with 50-percent capacity. Food establishments and shopping centers can operate until 2000 nightly. Local authorities in some localities may adjust the restrictions to accommodate local conditions. Officials may modify or further extend the protocols at short notice. Of course, Matthew Keezer highly suggests that you check with a local COVID restrictions website for any updates to the country’s COVID restrictions just prior to your scheduled trip.Planning Things to do in BaliMatthew Keezer suggests that if you plan to visit Bali, you don’t want to miss visiting the Ubud Monkey Forest. The forest is home and protected sanctuary to thousands of Balinese long-tailed macaques. Tourists truly enjoy the cool air, lush scenery and playful monkeys that are featured in this attraction.Matthew Keezer also points out that you will want to pay a visit to as many temples as you can, since they represent cultural landmarks where you’ll learn about Balinese culture and artistry. One of the more popular temples is the Uluwatu Temple, which is a Hindu Balinese Sea Temple. Here, there are also traditional dance and drama performances that take place at sunset.Being stuck at home can be a trying affair for singles and certainly for entire families. That’s why Matthew Keezer suggests that you may want to start planning your post-pandemic vacation to Bora Bora, which offers a truly entertaining and distant location to get away from it all!SOURCE Shared MediaFor further information: [email protected]