JavaScript, GitHub, AWS topped winners in large survey of 32,000 builders


A survey of just about 32,000 builders has showed the dominance of JavaScript, appearing a exceptional 91 in step with cent the usage of GitHub, and expansion in use of AWS regardless of the efforts of Microsoft and Google.

The survey was once massive, with sections on 13 other programming languages, large information, databases, DevOps, developer demographics, microservices, taking part equipment, checking out, and extra.

JavaScript crowned the language recognition charts, with 69 in step with cent utilization, or 39 in step with cent when builders had been requested to specify their “primary programming language.”

This is equal to closing yr, despite the fact that it will have to most likely be blended with TypeScript, which has risen from 12 to 13 in step with cent. More notable most likely is that Java has declined from 37 to 32 in step with cent, whilst PHP is up from 15 to 22 in step with cent.

All isn’t what it sort of feels. The “State of the Developer Ecosystem” survey is annual, however the 2021 effort was once the most important but, up from slightly below 20,000 respondents closing yr.

Why the variation? JetBrains instructed us that the 2021 survey is world, while prior to now it focused “18 countries, which contains 70 per cent of developers in the world.” JetBrains famous that those further builders tended to make use of extra PHP and not more Java. Still, it signifies that the corporate now not argues that Java is the arena’s maximum used number one programming language, and has conceded that name to JavaScript.

Language trends over 5 years

Language traits over 5 years, in resolution to the query ‘what programming languages have you ever used within the closing twelve months?’

Language losers? No large surprises. Scala was once down from 5 to three in step with cent “used in the last 12 months.” Visual Basic was once down from 5 to 4 in step with cent. Objective-C was once down from 4 to three in step with cent. And even Swift, as soon as the intense famous person of latest languages, down from 9 to 7 in step with cent (despite the fact that the expanded areas is usually a issue there).

There had been some notable regional variations. Java was once most well liked in China and South Korea. The UK was once above reasonable to be used of JavaScript, PHP, and Python, the United States for JavaScript and Python, and India for JavaScript, Python, and C++, for instance.

This is a large survey, and we appeared on the sights; in case you are within the element, the entire effects can also be discovered right here.

Biggest takeaways

According to the survey, desktop programs aren’t useless. 71 in step with cent of respondents stated they expand back-end internet programs, 58 in step with cent front-end internet, 32 in step with cent desktop, and 30 in step with cent cellular. That puts desktop construction forward of cellular, most likely reflective of the grunt paintings of establishing customized trade tool.

Gender distribution was once dispiritingly male however the percentage of feminine builders reduced as enjoy larger. Developers with 16+ years of enjoy are 97 in step with cent male, whilst the ones which lower than a yr are 88 in step with cent male.

“The diversity in the tech industry is increasing among younger developers,” stated the document, taking an positive view, however it can also be that feminine builders drop out of the career previous.

What do builders earn? More in the United States than any place else, by means of an enormous margin, in keeping with this survey, with a mean internet wage of $102,000 as opposed to $54,000 in Canada and UK (the second-placed nations). 63 in step with cent of the ones surveyed had been totally hired, with many of the others being scholars, self-employed or freelance.

The biggest group of developers are 21-29 years old

The largest staff of builders are 21 to 29-years-old

Another takeaway was once that builders are younger. According to the survey, 48 in step with cent stated they had been between 21 and 29, the most important staff. Just 14 in step with cent had been over 40. Again, there are large regional variations, Anastassiya Sichkarenko, the marketplace analysis analyst who labored at the document, instructed us. “In the USA there are a lot of developers who are very experienced, but in countries like India, there is a huge amount of young developers.”

A remarkable 91% use GitHub, though the figures change dramatically when focused on company use

A exceptional 91 in step with cent use GitHub, despite the fact that the figures trade dramatically when interested by corporate use

GitHub is dominant, despite the fact that much less in trade as opposed to private tasks. 91 in step with cent of builders stated they used GitHub (up from 71 in step with cent closing yr), however handiest 48 in step with cent used it for trade despite the fact that it’s nonetheless forward of second-placed GitLab at 36 in step with cent.

The survey additionally seen a marked expansion in use of GitHub Actions, up from 15 in step with cent closing yr to 45 in step with cent nowadays, despite the fact that Jenkins saved its best spot. Use of GitHub for factor monitoring was once additionally up, with out a direct comparability with closing yr as a result of other breakdown of the information, however this yr 38 in step with cent of companies and 42 in step with cent of private tasks used GitHub Issues.

Top for factor monitoring in trade was once Jira at 42 in step with cent. As for model regulate era, Git was once up from 90 to 93 in step with cent, Subversion down from 9 to 7 in step with cent. Also of notice: 67 in step with cent of builders stated they use Git (or SVN and so forth) from the terminal, despite the fact that 57 in step with cent additionally use it from an IDE.

In the arena of packing containers, 37 in step with cent of “respondents who are involved in infrastructure development” use Kubernetes, in truth a slight decline from 40 in step with cent closing yr. “It’s about the same, but probably it’s stopped its rapid ascent,” stated Sichkarenko.

64 in step with cent of the ones surveyed use Amazon Web Services (AWS), 25 in step with cent Google Cloud, and 22 in step with cent Microsoft Azure. That compares to 62, 30, and 25 in step with cent closing yr. In different phrases, AWS has moderately larger its percentage of DevOps utilization amongst this group.

Alibaba Cloud additionally made a appearing, at 12 in step with cent, most likely reflecting the worldwide nature of the brand new survey. There was once additionally a take a look at how those figures range in keeping with corporate measurement.

Azure utilization was once upper in better corporations, while Google Cloud was once upper amongst particular person and small corporate customers. AWS peaked within the heart, amongst corporations with 51-1,000 staff.

An intriguing phase requested whether or not cloud services and products had been used within the construction workflow. 64 in step with cent didn’t use them in any respect, however of those who did, 52 in step with cent stated that their information was once saved within the cloud, and 40 in step with cent stated that “it is hard to reproduce the application environment for local development.” This is a commonplace factor with programs that rely on a couple of services and products: putting in place a neighborhood construction atmosphere can get advanced.

The language-specific sections generated some intriguing statistics too. In the C# global, 66 in step with cent had been doing .NET Core construction, as opposed to 62 in step with cent for .NET Framework. Microsoft’s cross-platform .NET has crept forward. Last yr it was once 75 in step with cent .NET Framework, 68 in step with cent .NET Core.

There isn’t any such factor as an independent survey, and this one suffered from being run by means of a supplier, JetBrains, main (because the document itself said) to the issue that “JetBrains users might have been more willing on average to complete the survey.”

This bias was once maximum evidenced within the query on IDEs. JetBrains experiences that 75 in step with cent of Java builders use IntelliJ IDEA (a JetBrains product), which isn’t some distance got rid of from Snyk’s contemporary survey of two,000 Java builders, which confirmed 72 in step with cent the usage of IDEA.

That stated, Snyk’s survey printed 25 in step with cent utilization for Eclipse and 23 in step with cent for VS Code, the place JetBrains has 11 and four in step with cent (once more, particular to Java builders). In each surveys builders may just make a selection a couple of. There may just after all be bias within the (a lot smaller) Snyk survey too. However, the JetBrains survey is phenomenal for the collection of members and the element of the questions despite the fact that in an effort to cut back the “response burden,” the survey didn’t display all sections to all members.

JetBrains did make some effort to procure excellent information. The collection of respondents earlier than information cleaning was once over 47,000; those had been decreased by means of getting rid of surveys that had been “filled out too fast,” responses that got here from equivalent IP addresses, and surveys with “responses that were overwhelmingly similar,” amongst different standards, disposing of over 10,000 submissions.

The information was once no longer simply amassed from JetBrains customers; there have been advertisements in “social media, Facebook, Instagram, third-party bloggers, online communities,” the corporate instructed us. The survey was once translated into 9 other languages, addressing what JetBrains stated it sees as a weak spot in different surveys corresponding to the only performed by means of StackOverflow, which it believes isn’t consultant of non-English and Asian programming communities.

Dark all the way: 84% prefer a dark theme for their IDE

Dark the entire manner: 84 in step with cent favor a depressing theme for his or her IDE

Despite the JetBrains leaning, Microsoft’s open-source Visual Studio Code made a gigantic impact on this survey. It was once the most well liked IDE for C, C++, JavaScript and Rust. C# builders used Visual Studio maximum. Kotlin builders, Android Studio. Swift builders, Xcode. JetBrains IDEs gained for Go, Java, PHP, Python, and Ruby. 84 in step with cent total most popular a depressing theme for his or her editor.

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