Heres our Squid Game All-Star roster


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Squid Game, a Korean dystopian Netflix series, is the highest-rated show in the world right now.

Its based on desperate people playing childrens games for huge prizes 456 billion South Korean won, about $38 million USD with devastating consequences for the losers. And with shocking twists! Its a critique on the brutality of a hyper-capitalist society and U.S. imperialism that is resonating well with Korean and American audiences.

Think Hunger Games meets Red Wedding (from Game of Thrones) meets Stephen Kings The Long Walk. Its not for the faint of heart, as its gruesomely violent. But its thoroughly engrossing and watchable, with one episode in particular that may be the finest moment of television ever created.

Like Hunger Games, its tough to get through this on your own. You need allies, and you can never be quite sure what skills will be needed to get through the next game. Here are some athletes that youd want on your side if you ever get this card and want to participate.

Warning: Spoilers forward.

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