Gas consumers react to hovering costs in Arlington, Va.


Gas consumers complained about hovering costs in Arlington, Va., all over interviews with Fox News on Thursday.

“Its killing me. It takes 60 bucks to fill up the 2020 Camaro and it takes $52 to fill up my 2016 Chevy Malibu,” Tony, a Shell buyer, advised Fox News. “Its crazy.” 

Consumer costs rose 5.4% ultimate month in comparison to a yr previous, matching the prior month’s achieve because the quickest since 2008, in step with a Department of Labor file launched Wednesday. Gas costs noticed a 2.4% building up from June to July.  

“It kind of sucks,” one buyer advised Fox News. “It makes traveling a lot harder, and thats something that people have been waiting to do since spring of 2020.”

“It puts a damper on stuff,” she added.


The reasonable fuel worth in Virginia on Thursday was once $2.98 a gallon, a couple of buck extra in comparison to a yr in the past, in step with AAA.

But fuel at many Arlington fuel stations was once greater than $3 consistent with gallon.

“My reaction to the high prices is that of course, like everybody else, I don’t like it,” Ivan, who was once filling up his tank at Shell, advised Fox News. “Im of an age to remember when gas was in the dollars, so inflation is really affecting us.”

One Liberty Gas buyer stated: “Its just been really steep, and its making it harder to afford.”

“I have to keep it in mind in budgeting in a way I used to not,” she added.

Tony stated hes additionally needed to alternate his conduct. He advised Fox News he is riding his vehicles much less.

Two fuel station workers advised Fox News that they have got confronted buyer lawsuits concerning the costs.

“Theyre mad at me because the price is very high,” ExxonMobil worker Dipak Ikiedsiki advised Fox News. “Sales are also less now.”

He stated he believes a part of the reason being that persons are transferring to electrical vehicles.

Regular fuel at Ikiedskikis ExxonMobil location was once $3.37 consistent with gallon. He stated thats very prime. 


“Customers complain to me about the price,” some other worker, Yam Itoula, who works at Liberty Gas, advised Fox News. 

Gas costs were expanding for the previous a number of weeks. Thursday’s nationwide reasonable of $3.19 consistent with gallon marked the most costly fuel worth reasonable of the yr, in step with AAA.

A Shell buyer advised Fox News: “Its too expensive now. Everything is raised, but salary is not raised.”

AAA famous Thursday that it expects the nationwide reasonable to stay above $3 consistent with gallon during the summer season.

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