Far Cry 6: How To Unlock The Secret Ending


Both Far Cry 4 and Far Cry 5 contained secret endings on the early phases of the sport. These endings successfully ended the sport early if the participant made up our minds to take the other trail of what was once anticipated of them. This typically calls for making the selection to stroll out at the rebels or survivors and leaving to move house somehow.

Unsurprisingly, Far Cry 6 includes a equivalent selection simply sooner than the sport opens up. As with its predecessors, this is regarded as the “bad ending” but in addition unlocks a missable success referred to as “Hidden in Plain Sight.” Missing this finishing the primary time spherical would imply replaying the early phases of the sport once more as there is not any guide save device in Far Cry 6.

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Unlocking The Secret Ending in Far Cry 6

The opening of Far Cry 6 introduces the participant to its primary personality Dani, their ill-fated pals, the Island of Yara, and its ruthless dictator Anton Castillo. After a failed try to break out the island, ex-soldier Dani is readily offered to Clara Garcia and her band of rebels preventing to take again their freedom from Castillo.

Clara provides to lend a hand Dani break out to Miami in alternate for his or her lend a hand in taking up a couple of missions for the rebels referred to as the Libertad. It’s simplest when Dani has helped take down Castillo’s blockade within the seventh project, Libertad Rises, that the selection between staying to battle or using off into the sundown happens.

Choose The Boat

far cry 6 the guerrilla mission

At the very starting of the project “The Guerilla,” Dani can be status on a small dock in Libertad Island. However, as a substitute of having Dani to stroll in opposition to the Libertad base to talk to Juan, flip round and get at the outdated boat that Clara has left for them on the dock.

Head South On The Map

far cry 6 leaving for Miami

Once Dani has made up our minds to not soak up Clara’s be offering of becoming a member of the Libertad, it is a good suggestion to test the map and head south clear of the Libertad Island.

Set a marker at the map as a result of it is simple to get misdirected within the open water and head towards it with the boat. This will ultimately cause a scene starting with Dani apologetically announcing “I’m sorry, Clara, not my fight,” and the display screen will fade to black.

Secret Ending Spoilers Ahead!


Three Months Later

far cry 6 male Dani on Miami beach

After the display screen has light to black, a cutscene will start informing the participant that 3 months have handed and Dani resides the dream on a seaside in Miami. Meanwhile, a newsreader at the radio can also be heard declaring that the dictator Anton Castillo has defeated the Libertad, killed Clara, and put the rustic in lockdown.

The credit will roll and this will likely turn on the Hidden in Plain sight success/trophy. From there, the participant can give up the sport and bounce directly again into The Guerilla project, or they may be able to take a seat round revel in taking note of Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine’s Conga because the credit roll.

Far Cry 6 is to be had now for the Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and the PC.

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