Dr. Fauci Simply Issued This “Serious” Caution


“There are two really serious aspects about this,” stated Dr. Fauci. Delta is “extremely dangerous for the unvaccinated, because if they get infected and if they stay unvaccinated and don’t wear masks, ultimately they’re going to wind up getting infected.” He known as it “a pandemic and an outbreak of the unvaccinated.” Additionally, those that are vaccinated can elevate the virus and unfold it to others, main the CDC to inform even them to put on mask in spaces of prime transmission. “If you are vaccinated, you are very well protected against getting infected (although since no vaccine is 100% protective, there will be what we call breakthrough infections).But now we’re finding that the level of virus is really quite high, which means one of the bad things about all of this is that even though you are protected from getting severe disease, if you’re infected, you can transmit it to someone else, even if you’re vaccinated. And that’s the fundamental basis of now saying people should be wearing masks in indoor public places when you’re in a region that has a high level of infection.”

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