D&Ds newest sourcebook revives a long-lost dragon species


As the identify Dungeons & Dragons suggests, dragons are some of the essential parts of the sport, that includes closely within the lore and offering difficult fights for avid gamers. The video games subsequent deliberate sourcebook, Fizbans Treasury of Dragons, will come with new insights into the function the long-lasting creatures play within the video games global, and it supplies numerous tactics for avid gamers and recreation masters to combine them into their campaigns.

Dragons are an very important a part of the Material Plane, recreation fashion designer James Wyatt stated all through a press convention Monday. They have been there when it used to be made. Thats why they have got one of these super affect at the global round them once they identify their lairs. Their magic seeps out into the terrain, with their hoard as a focal point of that magic.

The ebook, slated for free up October 19, invents a brand new cosmology for essentially the most robust dragons, referred to as nice wyrms or dragon gods. The ebook introduces the idea that that echoes of the similar being exist throughout all of the worlds of D&D, such because the Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk. The maximum robust dragons can keep up a correspondence with change variations of themselves, and sooner or later pool their energy in combination till they tackle a unmarried shape. The ebook is called for a kind of extraordinarily robust entities: Fizban, avatar of the dragon god Paladine. Hell be offering colour statement during the ebook, in a style very similar to Volos Guide to Monsters and Mordenkainens Tome of Foes.

The bookstore-exclusive alternate cover of the D&D sourcebook Fizbans Treasury of Dragons

The bookstore-exclusive change duvet
Photo: Wizards of the Coast

The primary cover of the D&D sourcebook Fizbans Treasury of Dragons

The number one duvet
Photo: Wizards of the Coast

Hes were given the interior scoop on dragons, Wyatt says. His viewpoint is now and again eccentric or inexplicable, however at all times entertaining.

Fizbans Treasury of Dragons marks the go back of gem dragons, psychic dragons with crystalline scales that havent been featured in a D&D ebook since 2002s third Edition Monster Manual II. There can be stats for 4 age classes of all 5 sorts of crystal dragons, so they are able to be utilized in adventures of any point. The ebook additionally contains stats for Dragonborn characters in accordance with steel, chromatic, and gem dragons, plus dragon-themed subclasses for clergymen and rangers, and new spells and magic pieces. DMs gets all kinds of latest monsters, lair maps, and journey hooks.

During the clicking convention, D&Ds major narrative fashion designer, Chris Perkins, additionally published new main points at the video games subsequent revealed journey, The Wild Beyond the Witchlight. The marketing campaign for ranges 1-8 starts on the whimsical Witchlight Carnival, which serves as a gateway to the wondrous realm of the Feywild.

First-level characters will get started out via exploring the carnival and interacting with its denizens. An incorporated poster map options sights together with an Almiraj ring toss, the place you wish to have to land the hoop at the horns of the teleporting unicorn bunny, and a curler coaster that bears a putting resemblance to the journey within the opening of the Nineteen Eighties Dungeons & Dragons collection.

There are a large number of nods to the previous on this journey, together with nods to the D&D cool animated film, Perkins says. You will run into one or two characters that seemed in that display.

Characters will then pass into the world of Prismeer, a Domain of Delight dominated via an archfey in a parallel to the Domain of Dread Barovia that serves as a jail for the vampire Strahd von Zarovich in Curse of Strahd. Players will come across all kinds of fae creatures, together with a treant who carries a treehouse that serves as a house for a gaggle of runaway kids and their mascot, a displacer-beast kitten.

Its an overly lighthearted journey, Perkins says. All of the demanding situations within the journey will also be treated with out fight. Its more uncomplicated to get via this tale with a grin than with a sword.

The Wild Beyond the Witchlight releases on Sept. 21 along a customized cube set. Fizbans Treasury of Dragons can be to be had on Oct. 19. Versions of each books with change covers can be to be had solely at native gaming shops.

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