Cramer’s lightning spherical: I choose Moderna inventory over Novavax


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Novavax: “I have to tell you even after today’s run in Moderna, I still prefer Moderna’s stock than Novavax because I think that Moderna can do a lot more with its formulation than Novavax ever can.”

Philip Morris: “It’s a very good company. I don’t recommend tobacco stocks, but it’s very well run. It makes a lot of money and it’s very good.”

Blade Air Mobility: “I think there are better ways to make money, frankly. I’m not going to recommend the stock.”

Atlassian: “I think you have to worry about its valuation because that’s why the stock is going down. I think it’s a very good company, but no company can grow as fast as it has. It’s got a $57 billion market capitalization. That’s just way too much. … I really do like the company, but I am not a buyer.”

Actual Sciences: “I think [CEO] Kevin Conroy’s running a great company. I think he’s found a lot of different ways to be able to help people and, while the stock is down, it just happens to be one of those that’s been owned by a lot of momentum guys. I’m a buyer.”

Global Recreation Tech: “I can’t believe this IGT continues to go higher. This is computerized gaming, but they’re really the only game in town. So I get it. I guess it can go higher still. It’s been a huge winner.”

Akebia Therapeutics: “That’s a total spec. Sir, that’s just a total spec. You can do it, it’s a dice-roll spec. That’s not the kind of thing I like, but as long as you recognize it as a spec, then be my guest.”

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