There are reports of Black Ops Cold War Zombies players receiving the ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ error code and having their accounts permanently banned afterward.
UPDATE – April 7: Treyarch’s Community Manager, FoxHoundFPS, has posted to Reddit an update on this issue and confirmed their team is looking into it more. Despite many players saying that they’re being banned with this bug, he says players should check the enforcement policy for ban offenses and this ban message is not due to this error.
We are aware that some players are seeing the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug message and then are unable to connect while seeing a ban message. The ban message is not a product of disconnect errors. For questions about enforcement policies, please visit this link.
I’ve spoken with our teams regarding the recent Sail 630 Nuclear Bug threads and reports, and here’s what I have to share.
Sail 630 Nuclear Bug: This error string is currently presented instead of the standard disconnect language when a disconnect occurs in the Zombies menus on PC. PC players would typically see, “Connection to the Blizzard game server has been lost. Please exit and try again. BLZBNTBGS000003F8.”
We encourage players to continue playing Zombies as per usual, which includes chasing high-rounds and personal bests.
Original Story:
In the early days of Black Ops Cold War, Zombies players were having their World Record runs abruptly ended by consistent crashes. Now, a new error code has been kicking Zombies players back to the menu, and they claim their accounts are permanently banned when they log back on.
Since April 2nd, the ‘Sail 630 Nuclear Bug’ has been crashing PC players’ Zombies games when they’re on high levels. Reddit user Korlesa was allegedly banned after receiving this code and created a post to highlight the issue.
In the post titled, “People are being falsely banned while going for high rounds in Zombies on PC,” Korlesa described how “after going 50+ rounds people are receiving a “Sail 630 Nuclear Bug” Error. Upon exiting to we see that we have been permanently banned.”
To back up their claim, Korlesa has compiled over 50 posts to the Activision Support page in which players claim they have been falsely banned after receiving the Sail 630 Nuclear Bug.
Korlesa summed up these reports highlighting what several of them have in common:
They were on PCThey were playing ZombiesThey were on a high round (50+)They received the same error (Sail 630 Nuclear Bug)Many other players in the comments said they have experienced the same issue. User XPGO said they were playing the game with friends who were on console and at Round 50, only XPGO received the error code and was permanently banned afterward.
Treyarch’s Community Manager, Josh Torres, aka FoxhoundFPS, replied to the Reddit post. “I’m unable to assist with this issue,” he said. “All infractions undergo a thorough review process by the security team before enforcement.”
If more and more players report the error code, it’s likely Treyarch will acknowledge the issue. As for players who claim their accounts have been unfairly banned, whether they get their accounts back remains to be seen.
Image Credit: Activision