Major news networks largely ignored the bombshell report that U.S. special envoy for climate change John Kerry had once given Iran details about Israel’s covert military operations.ABC, CBS, NBC, and Spanish language networks CNN en Español, Telemundo, and Univision all “completely blacked out” the report, Newsbusters found. Instead, they spent most of their airtime talking about the 93rd Academy Awards. Further, a search of “John Kerry” produced days old, unrelated results on It was a similar result on, where the most recent result for the search “John Kerry Iran” is a report from last year entitled, “John Kerry fact checks Trump’s lies on the Iran Deal.”IRAN’S FOREIGN MINISTER SAYS JOHN KERRY TOLD HIM ABOUT ISRAELI COVERT OPERATIONS IN SYRIABuried in Sunday’s New York Times report in the 22nd paragraph was the nugget that Kerry had divulged Israeli military operations to Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif about its operations in Syria. Kerry served as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama from 2013 to 2017, where he frequently spoke with Zarif as they brokered the Iran nuclear deal.”Former Secretary of State John Kerry informed him that Israel had attacked Iranian interests in Syria at least 200 times, to his astonishment, Mr. Zarif said,” Times reporter Farnaz Fassihi wrote.Kerry has denied the claims, calling them “unequivocally false” and that he never disclosed any such information to Iran during or after his State Department tenure.But lawmakers furious with Kerry accuse him of a longtime anti-Israel agenda and are calling on him to resign immediately if the allegations are true. Kerry was previously accused of colluding with Iranian leaders to undermine the Trump administration as he tried to rescue the Iran nuclear deal.NEW YORK TIMES ‘BURIED’ BOMBSHELL THAT JOHN KERRY TOLD IRAN ABOUT ISRAELI COVERT OPERATIONS IN SYRIA: CRITICSOther lawmakers like Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., want to see Kerry investigated.The Obama administration brokered the Iranian nuclear deal in 2015, which lifted U.S. sanctions against the regime in exchange for Iran drawing down its nuclear program. The deal was heavily criticized for affording Iran a windfall in sanctions relief while the country continued its malign activity in the Middle East and didn’t cease its nuclear ambitions.The Trump administration withdrew the U.S. from the agreement in 2018, a move which Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu applauded.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”The deal didn’t push war further away; it actually brought it closer,” Netanyahu argued at the time. “The deal didn’t reduce Iran’s aggression; it dramatically increased it.”