WandaVision’s stunning reveal in episode 7 may result in the invention that Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) devoured Scarlet Witch’s youngsters.
Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn) could have eaten Scarlet Witch’s youngsters in WandaVision. As grisly as this is able to be, the character of her skills in Marvel Comics makes this an actual risk for the MCU’s tackle the character.

Throughout WandaVision, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) has been receiving visits from her neighbor, Agnes, who has helped her out in quite a lot of methods. Just one episode after tipping off Vision (Paul Bettany) about his loss of life by the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, Agnes was revealed as an antagonist who has been manipulating occasions in Westview for fairly a while now. According to her, she is definitely a witch named Agatha Harkness. Exactly what Agatha desires hasn’t been made clear but, however she’s accountable for lots of the issues that Wanda has endured these days. She despatched a Quicksilver imposter to Wanda’s door and even killed Sparky, the boys’ new canine.

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In Marvel Comics, Agatha Harkness is a key supporting character within the pages of The Avengers and Fantastic Four. What she’s most notable for is serving as a magical mentor to Scarlet Witch. For a time, Wanda’s main energy was the flexibility to change chances, however by having her tutored by Agatha Harkness, The Avengers comedian was in a position to develop Scarlet Witch’s skillset and switch her into a way more precious asset to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Her affiliation with Wanda has grown stronger since, along with her character usually working with Wanda as an ally. Her knowledge and expertise have helped Wanda get by a few of her biggest struggles within the comedian books. However, Marvel could possibly be utilizing her in another way within the MCU. Here’s why WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness could have eaten Billy and Tommy, and what it could imply.

Wanda’s Twins Vanished In WandaVision

In WandaVision episode 7, Billy and Tommy have been left within the care of Agnes. Wanda went in search of them in Agnes’ home, however by no means did discover them. When Agnes revealed her true id to Wanda on the finish of the episode in her basement, Billy and Tommy weren’t round. For the time being, their whereabouts are nonetheless unknown. The undeniable fact that the twins have been final seen with Agatha – who’s no less than being painted as WandaVision’s actual villain – means that one thing sinister could have occurred to them offscreen.

Agatha Harkness Draws Powers From Other Magic

Like many sorcerers within the Marvel Universe, Agatha Harkness’ energy is derived from different sources, somewhat than simply the magic that resides in her personal physique. Agatha is able to channeling the universe’s magical vitality and utilizing it as gas for her personal incantations. As a sorceress who has lived for a whole bunch of years, she has information of a wide selection of spells designed for growing her magical capabilities. Similar to what Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One was doing with the Dark Dimension in 2016’s Doctor Strange, Agatha is aware of how to attract energy from totally different dimensions. Based on what was proven in Doctor Strange, it’s clear that sorcery within the MCU follows guidelines that aren’t not like those established within the comedian books. With this in thoughts, it appears affordable that the MCU’s Agatha Harkness is able to attaining feats akin to what her comedian e-book counterpart may accomplish.

Agatha Ate Her Familiar To Become More Powerful

Sorcerers and wizards are sometimes accompanied by familiars, magical beings who act as companions to their summoners. Most seem within the type of an animal of some variety and help their creator of their endeavors. Agatha’s acquainted in Marvel Comics was Ebony, who had the looks of a black home cat. Ebony, who has been Agatha’s feline companion since her Marvel Comics debut in 1970’s Fantastic Four #94, met her finish in Tom King’s Vision collection in 2016. In order to forged a selected spell that had sure necessities, Agatha fed a particular plant from Wundagore Mountain to Ebony, after which consumed the creature. This was a part of a ritual that gave Agatha Harkness the facility she wanted to obtain a imaginative and prescient of the long run.

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Theory: Agnes Ate The Twins (And Wants To Eat Wanda)

Agatha Harkness with the ability to soak up Ebony’s energy by consuming her could present a grim clue as to what occurred to Billy and Tommy in WandaVision. The Disney+ collection hasn’t given an in depth rationalization concerning the twins’ origin but, however what may be gathered from the present (and the comics) point out that they have been born from magic. In the comics, Wanda’s unconscious need for kids of her personal (which she couldn’t have as a consequence of Vision being a synthezoid) resulted in her utilizing her reality-warping powers to generate twin boys. It was said by Agatha that the supply for Billy and Tommy’s life essence have been fragments from the soul of the demon lord known as Mephisto. The faux Quicksilver calling the MCU’s Billy and Tommy “demon spawn” hinted that the boys could share the identical origin.

Plus, it does seem to be the twins have been merchandise of Scarlet Witch’s powers in Westview, particularly since her being pregnant performed out in lower than a full day. Then, there’s the matter of their powers, their capability to age themselves, and Wanda’s failure to have an effect on them along with her personal powers. All of this stuff level to the twins being magical entities. If they’re comprised of magical vitality, they could possibly be feasted on by Agatha Harkness, who would develop stronger by consuming them. That could also be how the MCU’s model of Agatha has turn out to be such a strong sorceress. It’s doable that she got here to Westview understanding that she’d have the ability to enhance her energy by staying there. Her unique goal could have been Wanda herself, however she may have quickly shifted her consideration to Billy and Tommy after discovering their existence. Now that the 2 are out of the way in which, she will be able to get a way more vital energy increase by consuming Scarlet Witch.

Of course, if that is what actually occurred to Billy and Tommy, it could be a grim destiny certainly. But on the identical time, it could match up nicely with the unhappy ending that Marvel Comics gave this story within the Eighties. Scarlet Witch was left devastated when each of her youngsters disappeared, having been introduced again into Mephisto’s soul. It wasn’t till years later that the boys have been reborn as teenage superheroes Wiccan and Speed. It’s doable that WandaVision can let the MCU go on this route as nicely if it kills off Agatha Harkness. If she did soak up them, her loss of life may free their souls and permit them to be reincarnated later for a Young Avengers story.

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